Bridgett Nelson is a registered nurse turned horror author. Her first collection, A Bouquet of Viscera, is a two-time Splatterpunk Award finalist, recognized both for the collection itself and its standout story, “Jinx.”

Her work has appeared in Counting Bodies Like Sheep, Dead & Bloated, American Cannibal, A Woman Unbecoming, and several volumes of the If I Die Before I Wake series of anthologies.

She lives in West Virginia with her husband Doug, her children Parker & Autumn, three pugs (Bodhi, Harlow, and Dexter Morgan), and her frequently aroused, 190-pound St. Bernard, Sal—who has WAY more followers on Instagram than she does.

Bridgett is working on her first original novel and has been contracted by Encyclopocalypse Publications to write a novelization of the cult classic film Deadgirl.

She is an active member of the Horror Writers Association and the co-chair of HWA: West Virginia. She was a 2022 Michael Knost “Wings” award nominee, and won second place (out of fourteen contestants) in the ’22 Gross-Out contest at KillerCon in Austin, Texas. Bridgett thoroughly enjoys writing, mainly because wearing a bra is not required. She also likes tarantulas. A lot.