The Writing Career

This writing thing is such a roller coaster. I find myself genuinely stressed by deadlines, but I’m having so much fun (and living the dream!), I don’t even care. After working as an RN for many years, and being a mom for many more, I’ve found I genuinely enjoy exercising this creative part of my brain which was dormant way too long.

Earlier this year, thanks to my debut collection, A Bouquet of Viscera, I became an active HWA member. Two days ago, I received my first professional rate payment for my short story, “Dying River.” I can’t mention what anthology it’s for yet, but trust me, it’s a good one. Yesterday, I received my second pro-rate payment. Again, I’m not certain I’m allowed to blab anything about the anthology, but I had a lot of fun writing my story, “November Eve.”

A few weeks ago, Encyclopocalypse Publications contracted me to write the novelization for the 2008 cult horror film Deadgirl. If you’ve seen the movie, you know the storyline is very much in my niche as a writer. I have so many ideas! The screenwriter, Trent Haaga, told me to “play as much as I want in his sandbox,” so I shall! And I’m damn excited to get dirty!

I guess all this to say…things are going well. New Bridgett books will be dropping soon…I promise!

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