5.2.23 Updates

Autumn and I had a mother/daughter day on Monday. We started with a trip to the nail salon, had a delicious Italian lunch (She had chicken parmesan, I had seafood alfredo, and we split Italian donuts with chocolate and raspberry dipping sauce for dessert), we fiercely battled the elements (heavy winds and icy rain), and then ventured to the movie theater and watched Nic Cage get down and dirty in Renfield. It was a perfect day. I may not have everything in my life figured out, but I think I’ve done pretty okay as a parent.

For any of you who’ve checked out this fancy new website, you’ve probably noticed I have two collections coming out very soon! I finished the first one yesterday and sent it off to the editor and beta readers. I have one more story to finish for the second collection, but I’m stuck. It’s giving me fits! Frickin’ story. I’ve also done some preliminary work on my Deadgirl novelization.

Signed a very cool contract last week, but I’m not allowed to blab about that yet.

This weekend I’ll be heading to Indianapolis for Mo*Con, where I get to hang with one of my favorites, Maurice Broaddus. I first met Maurice at Multiverse in Atlanta in 2021 and, well, I found I kind of adore him. And man, does he give good hugs! Unfortunately, traveling means packing, and I haven’t done that yet. Blah.

I hope you’re all having a great week! Feel free to comment and subscribe!

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